About InsureHopper

Our Experience in the insurance industry helps us to provide a secure and hassle-free website for both the customers and agents. InsureHopper is an Insurance hub that works with many insurance carriers including captive agencies, insurance companies, and companies with independent agents that worth more than $2 trillion dollars in themeassets. We provide our customers with a broad search platform with the best options by hopping from one carrier to another in search of your best-tailored policies and options which prevents you from being stuck with one specific carrier.

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Our Mission

InsureHopper strives to give a hassle-free insurance experience by providing many options for both customers and agents in the most efficient manner.


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What Makes Us Different?

    1. 24/7 access to our customer service with caring representatives and licensed agents.

    1. Giving the best rates with coverage details from all participant companies available in your state depending on your needs.

    1. Providing fast insurance process with our advanced engine which saves you time.

    1. Sharing your experiences by giving ratings and putting reviews for both the companies and the agents.

    1. Buying insurance policy online on any personal device, which helps you buy insurance anywhere and anytime you want without any hassle.

    1. Providing a hassle-free insurance experience by having an easy form filling process and one-time data entry which is time efficient and user-friendly.

    1. Keeping our user's personal information secure from other insurance carriers, except the agent or company that you choose to bind the policy with.

    1. Using the latest security software and technologies to protect our users’ data.

    1. Providing accurate and real-time quotes from multiple carriers and agents without getting connected to them directly.

    1. Working with thousands of insurance carriers and agents, that helps you save time on searching for best insurance policy depending on your individual needs.

Benefits For Our Customers

The fast and advanced engine of InsureHopper gives new experience to customers looking for the best rate on their insurance. InsureHopper provides a quick and easy form filling process to help its customers save time and money without any hassle. Working with multiple carriers helps them choose the best accurate and bindable quote among all. The customers also have the ability to give stars and share their experiences by giving reviews to the agents.

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Become Our Partner Agent

We provide agents from any company or agency the opportunity to join us and use our agent friendly features and have easy access to free leads. We put the comfort of our agents as our priority, which is why we provide them with a safe platform to introduce themselves to their clients on the introductory web pages. In this platform, agents have the option of having their very own customized videos, where they can introduce themselves and interact with their clients.