Collectibles Insurance

Collectibles Insurance for your valuables collection

What Is Collectibles

Collectibles often refer to as "Collectable" is an object that is valued as a collection. However, collectibles are not necessarily antique objects. Most people have collections, and some of them invest a lot of money and time for their collection. Therefore, it could be disappointing to know that relying upon homeowner policy for your collectibles can make a very significant difference in how it can compensate you.

Serious collectors need specialty coverage that could protect the full value of their collectible items. When you've spent time, effort, and money to establish your collection, you may want peace of mind and make sure that your collections are protected. Standard Homeowners Insurance may protect your collections, but with a minimum limit only. It may not protect your valuables in the same way a Collectibles Insurance Policy will.

Homeowners' coverage that an insurance company provides for personal property is designed to cover items such as clothing, kitchen utensils, and furniture. On the other hand, collectible insurance provides an extra layer of protection that ensures explicitly special collections. These collections include special baseball cards and other sports memorabilia. Also, it could offer protection to fine arts and other valuables. Furthermore, this policy takes into account the different risks that collectibles may encounter at any time.

Collectible Insurance would pay for the unexpected breakage of an item because this insurance policy provides coverage to a broader range of perils. Unlike Homeowners Insurance, Collectibles Insurance often doesn't require you to pay a deductible when you make a claim. However, you can ask your insurer for a deductible to save a premium for pricier items.

Features of Collectibles Insurance Policy

Agreed Value Coverage

Agreed Value Coverage is a type of insurance, whereas the indemnity process for the losses incurred is by the agreed amount. Usually, insurers require the proposed insured to provide a statement of the value of the property. This is for the insurer to know if the collection is worth a higher than minimum agreeable amount.

Broad Protection

Unlike other personal property insurance, insurance for collectibles could offer a broader form of covered protection, unlike other personal property insurances that could only cover damages if due by theft and fire. Insurance for your collectibles could cover losses owing by accidental breakage, flood, hurricane, and earthquake.

Inflation Guard

Your collectibles are as valuable as your other property. With the Inflation Guard, you can make sure that your collectibles are also increasing its worths like any other properties. Inflation Guard coverage could gradually increase your property's value, meaning it will increase your coverage limits. Besides, inflation could be applied as a percentage within a specific time or period. (e.g., 2% every six months.)

Scheduling Items

Collectibles Insurance services could cover your collectibles by the process of scheduling the personal property. This type of insurance could protect the collectible by providing extended coverage on what homeowners' policy can offer. This type of coverage can be purchased in addition to the insured's homeowners' policy. With this coverage, your property would be replaced without deducting its depreciation, in contrast to homeowner policy.

Collectibles Insurance Policy

Coverage To Your Collectibles Wherever You Are

Insurances for collectibles could provide coverage to your properties wherever in the United States by using the scheduled location coverage. However, if your collectibles are away to their scheduled location, you can ensure your property with Transit Coverage. This coverage could provide protection to your collectibles while being transported to different locations.

Generally, this insurance provides coverage to your collectibles if the property is at a scheduled exhibition. Like other Antique Insurances, this insurance specifically insures your property whenever it is exhibited to show. This insurance covers the damages incurred from shipping the property back and forth the events. Coverage may apply with specific policy limits.

List of Collectibles To Insure

  • Coins (except platinum and gold coins)
  • Entertainment Memorabilia
  • Limited Edition Items
  • Sports and Cards Memorabilia
  • Records and CD's
  • Toys and Action Figures
  • Philatelic Items including stamps
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Writing Instruments

Our affiliated insurance carriers could also cover other types of collectibles. Your investments could perish in an instant at any time of losses. So for better protection of your valued collection, we offer you this insurance to specifically cover your needs.
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