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We are honored to design a hassle-free insurance hub not only for the clients to bind policies but also for the insurance agents from any insurance carrier or agency who want to get free leads, which makes the process of giving quotes to clients easier than ever before. Our mission is to share free leads with the agents, which allows them to bind more policies and help them find clients without any hassle.

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How Does the Agent’s Dashboard Work?

Insure Hopper
  • Insure HopperQuotes Insure Hopper

    By joining our website, agents will become InsureHopper’s affiliated agents who can see all of the leads on their dashboard, depending on the line of insurance they choose. This dashboard helps the agents give quotes to the users and bind policy for them; after the clients accept the rates.

  • Insure HopperReviews Insure Hopper

    This part is the best section for our agents who want to have permanent clients. At the end of the binding policy process, the clients can give stars and reviews to the agents. Agents can see all their clients’ reviews in this section and also respond to them.

  • Insure HopperMessages Insure Hopper

    In case that there is a lack of important information on the form that affects the rate, the message section helps the agents send one-way messages to the clients whom they have their insurance form in hand. Agents can not get connected to the clients before binding policy with them. Therefore, they cannot share any name or contact number or ask for personal information from the clients in the message section.

  • Insure Hopper ClientsInsure Hopper

    In the Clients section, you can have information from all the clients you bound policy with, which not only makes the process of having all your clients’ information easy for you but also helps you to create long-term relationships with your clients by sending them messages.

  • Insure Hopper InsightsInsure Hopper

    The agents can also see their career’s overview in the insights section, which contains different statistics on their dashboard. In this section, the agents can see all the pending quotes and bound policies, plus their sales statistics in a specific period by checking the charts and graphs.

  • Insure Hopper PlansInsure Hopper

    The agents can buy different plans according to their career needs and get even more benefits such as having an option of being on the top of other affiliated agents in the directory page, paying less referral fee on each lead, having their own website on InsureHopper in which they can add videos of themselves on it for advertising goals and much more interesting options.
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($100 Monthly/$1400 Annually)
*The first payment is $300.
  • All the Options of Basic and Pro Plan +
  • Having a Complete 4-Page Website under InsureHopper’s Domain with different template options you can choose from.
  • SEO Managed Content on your Website.
  • Insights and Reports on your Website.
  • Customized Videos to add to your website and share on all your social media pages.
  • Representing 5 Carriers Per Lead.
  • 2% Referral Fee on Each Policy to Bind

*We take sharing any name or contact information with the leads before binding the policy as cheating. Agents who share any information other than quote details will get a caution first, and InsureHopper has the authority to annul its contract with them for the second time.

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We try our best to give our agents the most user-friendly insurance website to work on it without any hassle. You can always talk to our Customer Representatives, and Technical Supports if you had any questions or concerns regarding our website.

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