Course of Construction

Course of Construction Insurance temporary coverage for construction

Course of Construction Insurance Coverage for Business Owners

What is the Course of Construction?

A Course of Construction is a type of Business Insurance Policy that provides temporary coverage against damages or losses that may occur during the construction. The Course of Construction is also referred to as Builders Risk Insurance. This insurance coverage is designed to cover the building structure and can be expanded to include the building materials inside the premises or in transit on the site.

Course of Construction Insurance Coverage

The Course of Construction is designed to protect the owners and contractors against financial risk due to the damages such as:

  • Fire/ Lightning
  • Weather
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicles or Aircraft
  • Explosion

The Course of Construction Insurance typically does not cover damages due to earthquakes and flooding. However, to cover these perils, you can purchase an additional policy. Builders Risk Insurance coverage typically ends once the project or construction is complete. In addition, coverage may also include or extended to have Hard Costs and Soft Costs listed in your policy.

Hard Costs

Hard Costs, also known as “ brick-and-mortar costs,” are the expenses related directly to the production and development of the construction and building, such as the labor and materials. Hard Cost is more tangible that it is easier to estimate in creating a project breakdown or even before the project has begun. The cost of labor and materials to complete a project is under the coverage of hard costs.

Soft Costs

Soft cost does not directly cover the production of the building, unlike hard costs. It is usually consulted with intangible items such as real estate fees, inspection fees. , taxes, and legal fees. Soft costs are the expenses that are not directly related to labor or the physical construction materials that are needed to complete the project.

In planning a project, it is important to estimate the budget needed; that is why Hard Cost and Soft Cost are important to understand to determine much easier the cost you need to complete the project.

Course of Construction Insurance only for construction
Course of Construction Insurance covers unexpected disasters

Course of Construction Policy Exclusions

Course of Construction usually covers unexpected disasters. On the other hand, it does not provide coverage for negligence in operation, resulting in mechanical failure, material, or workmanship.

How Much Does the Course of Construction Cost?

The Course of Construction typically costs between one and four percent of the construction cost, depends on the coverage and exclusions listed in the policy. It is important to have Builders Risk Insurance as it will cover potential claims or property damage that may arise during the construction.

These are some factors that may affect the cost of Course and Construction Insurance:

Remodeling Projects

Covering an existing building or structure can cause a higher cost of insurance.

Project Location

The premium rates may increase depending on where the project is located, with a higher peril chance.

Materials Used in Construction

High-quality materials or equipment may require more coverage that can increase the insurance rate.

What to Consider in Purchasing a Policy?

These are some guidelines that will help you find the best Insurance Provider.

  • There are ways to purchase your Course of Construction policy; you can purchase directly from the insurance company or get a Quote from an Insurance website that could help you find a better rate. InsureHopper affiliated agents can get you a Free Course of Construction Insurance Quote to compare policy rates from trusted companies or talk to our experienced licensed Insurance Agents that will help you find the right coverage and better rate.
  • Consider all the exposures you have before making an agreement. Make an inventory for all the expenses for the project. Review the coverage and understand the coverage and exclusions you choose to get broad protection for your property.

Most of the Builders' Risk policies are written on Inland Marine forms, which make the coverage broader and more tailored to your construction project needs. If you have tools and equipment that you take to one place from a project site, Inland Marine Insurance is the right policy to cover your tools and equipment. It is essential to choose an experienced insurance provider to help you determine the right coverage for your business.

Course of Construction Insurance for negligence in operation

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