Classic Car Insurance

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

Generally, Classic Car Insurance can cover the insured's collector’s vehicle for an “agreed value” or commonly known as “guaranteed value”. The agreed amount between the insurer and the insured will be based on the Old Cars Report Price Guide.

This guide is the most respected authority for pricing collectible autos. Besides, they can also base the agreeable amount through the underwriter's research and some documentation that the owner has.

Classic Car Insurance is a type of collector Car Insurance that primarily covers antique cars or vintage automobiles. Whether you own a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra or a 1969 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 or other collector or vintage muscle autos —you may undoubtedly want to protect your treasure prized vehicle. From maintaining its cleanliness and restoring it as well as new.

Also, securing that your vintage car has insurance and has the right coverage in place. For the reason that regular Auto Insurances are not enough to keep up with the value of vintage autos.

Classic Car Insurance for your vintage car

Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Total Loss Coverage

Unlike standard Car Insurance, total loss coverage for Classic Car Insurance is different. Presuming that you are using a regular use vehicle a Toyota Wigo 2010 and deems a total loss in 2018, the payment you will be receiving for the loss will vary depending on the depreciation for 8 years. In this insurance, if your automobile deems a total loss, the claims payout you will be receiving is the amount you agreed upon on your policy. This type of concept is most commonly known as “guaranteed value” and without any depreciation.

Worldwide Coverage

This very insurance is unique on its own. While the standard Auto Insurance could only cover the vehicles restrictively within the border of the United States, this coverage is broader. Some insurance companies offer coverage outside the U.S. so better ask your insurance provider if you want to show off your automobile to another country.

Optional Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Roadside Assistance Coverage can help the insured, should he need his automobile to be towed to the repair shop or a car show. It can tow the classic car using the flatbed tow truck to prevent any damages while transporting it to its designated place.

Traveling Coverage of Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance has traveling coverage on which could cover the insured from lodging expenses, and food expenses, should the vehicle of the insured break down.

Auto Show Medical Reimbursement Coverage

This coverage can pay for the injury of a third party person in case the other person procures an injury from the insured car. Also, it can cover the injury if it happens in the exhibition space of the insured.

No Attendance Required Coverage

No Attendance Required Coverage could protect the insured if the auto procures damages, while the car is not in the owner's custody. For further illustration, considering that the vehicle is displayed on a car show, and a child takes his curiosity into action. When the child accidentally scrapes the automobile, the damages are applicable for coverage up to the agreed payment between the insurer and the insured. However, this coverage would only be applicable if the car is not in the custody, care, and control of the insured.

Classic Car Insurance Eligibility
  • The proposed insured must be at least 25 years old.
  • The proposed insured should have a good driving record and have at least five years of driving experience.
  • The vehicle is stored and secured in a closed garage, storage facility, or carport.
  • He has another vehicle that he primarily uses on going to work, school, and other destinations.
  • The proposed insured agrees that he will never use the classic car on a race.
  • The proposed insured should not have more than one moving violation and at-fault accidents within the prior three years.
Ways to Save Money: Policy Discounts on Classic Car Insurance

Discounts vary depending on the insurance provider you’re getting your insurance. You can get a discount by buying multi-policy from one insurance carrier. Multi-policy means buying two or more insurance policies together. For example, insuring your home and your classic car from the same insurance company could save you up to $70 or more. Also, you could get a policy discount if you insure multi autos in one insurance carrier. As we all know, automobiles that qualify as Classic Car Insurance are not for daily use. Therefore, you have another car that you are using as transportation. To save money you should ensure both of your cars in one carrier and save as much as $50.

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