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Freqently Asked Questions

Our most reliable representatives and licensed agents are always here for you to resolve your insurance concerns and answer to your questions.

We are the first insurance hub that provides a space for the agents to get free leads and bind policy easily. We hop fast on all of the captive agencies, insurance companies, and companies with independent agents, and we collect all of your quotes and bring them to the clients so they can compare and choose the best one. Thus, we provide a new way of insurance shopping to help clients and agents save time and money.

You can easily give quotes to the clients by choosing a lead on your dashboard according to the carriers and insurance lines you work in. The clients can then compare yours and other agents’ insurance premiums from different carriers and choose the best one according to their need; If they accept your quote, you can easily bind the policy.

At the top right of the page, you can create an account quickly with your email address. By answering simple questions that took only 3minutes, you can have an InsureHopper account that gives you lots of options such as free leads, free directory, free dashboard with all your sales’ insight, and many other options. All these options help you to bind the policy easily from your home.

After the clients fill out the insurance forms, their information is shared with a Case ID as a lead in the “All Leads” section on the agents’ dashboard. You can choose the lead and give the rate and upload your proposal so the client can accept or decline it. After the clients accepted the rate, you should pay the referral fee to InsureHopper, which will be different according to your account’s plan. At this time, we will share the clients’ contact information with you so you can easily bind the policy with your client and contact them. Check out InsureHopper Plans.

We are not an insurance agency, and we are not working for any insurance company. InsureHopper is an insurance hub that gives the opportunity to all the insurance carriers, agencies, and agents to have a profile on our directory and a free dashboard to get free leads and provide rates to the clients as well as many other options.

In a request you’re going to send, you must explain the reason for sending the request with details. Make sure to mention your full name, mailing address, and policy number (if applicable). As soon as our customer service representatives get your request, they will send you an email that explains the answer to your questions. You can send your written request at email address [email protected] or our mailing address at 2072 Orchard Dr. Suite A, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The security of our users is essential to us. When you enter your personal information, we encrypt the way your data will transfer. Using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and security software such as McAfee, we will make your data safe. We follow generally accepted standards to protect your information submitted to us, both during sending and once we receive it. Also, by putting an ownership verification step in creating an account and email notifications on the profile changes, we make sure that no one misuses your business account.

In InsureHopper, we protect our users’ privacy. We do not sell or show any user’s information to third parties. You will not receive any random phone calls or emails from outside of our company. You may just receive emails from our affiliated websites that are all under our company.

We are nationwide, and we work with most insurance companies, captive agencies, and independent agents. You can see all insurance providers on the Insurance Carriers, Insurance Agencies, and Affiliated Agents page. All other insurance carriers, agencies, and agents can join our website for free by creating an account on our website. Create an Account for Free

We provide multiple services for both personal and business insurance. We are going to add more lines of insurance in the future.

InsureHopper is not an insurance company, an insurance agency, or a lead generator. We are an insurance hub that provides a space for all the agents and carriers to connect to the clients and bind the policy easily. Other insurance hubs work with a few numbers of insurance carriers. They provide estimates that are not real-time; They don’t give bindable quotes and often end-up selling customer information. In contrast, InsureHopper works with most insurance companies and agencies, and because of that, the quotes are bindable, accurate, and real-time.

For questions about the website, you can always contact technical support representatives at the number (888) 800-9966 during our business hours Monday to Friday (8 am-5 pm PST).

Our customer service is available both online with the live chat option and on the phone at number (888) 800-9966, 24hours a day, and can answer all of your questions.

You need to provide the necessary information that you want the public to know and reach you through the directory and accurate agent information such as your license ID, so you verify your account’s ownership as a licensed agent on InsureHopper.

You can represent all of your carriers in your account but not at the same time during the giving rate process. You can choose the lead from the All Leads section of your dashboard, and each time you can give a rate from one of your representing carriers. But after you complete the giving rate process for that lead, you can again choose the lead from the All Leads section and give another rate with the other carrier you represent.

After an agent chooses the lead to give a rate to it, the lead will get hidden from the same carrier’s agents for three hours. During this time, the agent has enough time to give a rate to the lead s/he chose. This way, we ensure that the client receives only one rate from each carrier, so the agents won’t lose their chance of binding the policy if they represent a specific carrier.

If you won’t give a rate to the lead you chose from the “All Leads” section and added to the “Open Quotes” section of your dashboard, after three hours, the program automatically clear it from your dashboard and return the lead to the “All Leads” section again so the other agents of the same carrier can see it. But you can always choose it from the “All Leads” section again if you want unless another Agent from the same carrier chooses it sooner. This way, we make sure that we share rates with the clients from each insurance company.

According to the Terms & Conditions, you can send a one-way message to the clients through the message section on your dashboard, so they get notified of the information they need to add or change in their form. Also, you can always send a message to InsureHopper representatives through your dashboard or Contact Us.

After you gave the rate to a Case ID, the client has 20 days to accept/decline the rate unless the rate expires automatically.

After the clients accepted your rate, you will get notified both on your dashboard and in your email address. Then, you can pay the referral fee, which differs according to the plan you choose. After paying InsureHopper the referral fee, the hidden contact info, such as the client’s phone number and email address, becomes visible for contacting your client directly.

We work with Tranzpay gateway to make sure all of your payment information is secure. You can pay your referral fee by Debit Card or ACH.

According to the Terms & Conditions, agents cannot share any contact information with InsureHopper clients. Please make sure not to share any of your contact information on your proposals, messages to the clients, or any other way in or out of the InsurHopper website to get connected to the clients before the client accepts your rate. After the clients accepted the rate you shared and paid us the referral fee, the client becomes yours, and all the contact information of the clients gets shared with you, so you can directly get connected to the client. Agents who share any contact number will get a caution first, and for the second time, InsureHopper has the authority to annul its contract with them.

You can check all your sales and reports of the policies you have in your dashboard’s “Insights” section.

Yes. We provide a fair process of getting ratings and reviews from the clients for all the insurance carriers and agents. Only the clients who bought a policy from the insurance company and agent can give ratings and put reviews for them. This way, we make sure that our agents and carriers won’t get spam reviews and ratings. All the reviews will display on your profile in the directory for the public. You can also check and respond to all the feedbacks in the “Reviews” section of your dashboard so your clients can see your responses as well.

All the notifications and the updates regarding the rates you uploaded, the reviews, and the messages you sent will get shared with you both on your dashboard notification section and through your email address, so you can always be notified of the actions happening in your dashboard.

You can always review and edit your information on your InsureHopper profile. You can also send a written request to us or Contact Us

No, you can create an account on InsureHopper for free, by which you can have free leads, a free dashboard, and a free directory. But if the client accepts the rate before binding the policy, you need to pay the referral fee, which differs according to the plan you choose. You can also have a four-page website or become a premier agent to advertise your profile on InsureHopper by purchasing any of our plans. Learn more about the Plans