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McKinsey’s top insurance articles of 2022

McKinsey’s Top Insurance Articles Of 2022
Life insurance Global Insurance Report 2023: Reimagining life insurance (report and podcast)—Following the inaugural 2022 Global Insurance Report, released in February 2022, the first chapter of the 2023 report delves into the major forces at play in the life insurance industry and the business model decisions insurers will face as they seek to accelerate growth and exceed performance targets. Ultimately, a changing industry landscape can allow insurers to overcome current performance challenges by transforming where and how they generate value. An accompanying podcast features four McKinsey Insurance Practice leaders discussing industry trends and how companies can be successful by rethinking the life insurance model. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript. Unbundling value: How leading insurers identify competitive advantage (article)—For US life insurers to address new and old challenges, they need a fresh approach to their business model and how they create value. Grow or exit? Overcoming the scale trap in life insurance closed books (article)—The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges for insurers in continental Europe. M&A deals with closed-book players can help insurers continue to create value.